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TifasTatas No ethics department here
4★ - Great Western Option
+ Fair shipping rates for western customers
+ Only western site with a wide selection of pre-owned figures. All in excellent condition at very reasonable prices.
+ Fantastic Website Design

- Very limited selection of NEW figures when compared to other western counterparts.

Overall a fantastic option for figure fans in the west! I hope they continue to grow!
6 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thanks for the feedback! We're definitely more limited in our selection of new figures since market is saturated with new figures vendors but if we keep growing, hopefully we'll be able to get low prices on new figures from our vendors and get more!
4★ - Great Shop
Got a Sonico figure I've been looking for from here at a fantastic price, she looks brand new for pre owned. Packaging was great and I will be ordering from them more in the future
2 years ago
AkibaSoul_US Keeper of Grails
Thank you for kind words! Is there any thing we could do better to earn 5 stars instead of 4?
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