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  • 2★ - Worst webshop i ever dealt with, totaly no service
    Terrible service, well, no service at all.

    I'm trying to reach them for more then a month.
    The don't reply to e-mails, telephone is out of service, they don't reply in the chatoption, etc.

    I ordered a pre-order with bonus.
    I got the pre-order but not the bonus.

    I have read so many complaints about Otaku Square so i also informed their partner Good Smile Company about all the complaints.

    Everyone who reads this.
    It's not worth it.

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    Stop being partner with this shop
    4 months ago
  • 1★ - WORST customer service ever. AVOID!
    Ordered something a while ago, however later realized I did not have enough space as I'm about to move. Contacted them about it, want to cancel this order before it gets shipped out so I don't have to send it back and they don't need to pack it in the first place. After a few mails, all I got was simply a few tickets letting me know about my request being escalated, whatever that means to them. At this point, I don't even know if they're operating. Regretting not paying with PayPal, have no idea if my bank is gonna help me with this one.
    11 months ago
  • 1★ - AVOID!!!!
    Honestly be smarter than me and heed the reviews, it seems pretty likely that these guys are just scammers now, they seem to be able to secure pre orders for items that are sold out everywhere else and personally I am starting to believe its a scam to try and reel in orders and then attempt to drag them out past the Paypal claim window.

    My order was supposed to arrive on the 22/03/2022, it got to the 28th March and I decided to email them on the where abouts of my order. To their credit they did respond quickly to my email, they told me my order would be 2 weeks to arrive at their warehouse then ship out within 2 days. That day came and went with no contact from them so I put in a Paypal dispute, after 5 days of no response I escalated the claim and am waiting for Paypal to hopefully refund me. The biggest kick in the teeth is that on their website the figure I ordered has been instock for some time.
    11 months ago
  • 2★ - Bad customer service and lack of communication
    UPDATE: to my surprise (in a good way), I got a notification from Otaku Square and the local post office that the 2nd part of my first order is shipped. My account still says that it's due in May, so there's still clearly something not entirely right there, but this is good. All without me having to contact them too (sadly, I guess that's not a given). Of course, the below is still valid in terms of CS complaints

    Sadly, the two times I've ordered from them, I've had bad experiences with them. Both times had to do with their customer service and the state of their system. Very similar to reviews below me.
    Customer service is basically useless, as they don't seem to have access to anything useful. Every time I've contacted them the result was the same: 'Unfortunately, we can't see anything. We'll put out a message for you internally and someone'll contact you.' This never happened.
    The 1st time (somewhere in October) I never got an order confirmation. Customer service tried to send an order confirmation multiple times, but I never got it. Eventually it got resolved luckily. System problems. The order was two figures, one of which was due to release in November 2021, the other one in this coming May. I did get the November 2021 just fine in the end.
    The 2nd time I ordered from them, it was set to release in December 2021. I got an order confirmation, so everything seemed to go fine. Then the release date passed by... nothing. The release date was still unchanged too. I thought, 'well, it's COVID time and between Christmas and new years, maybe that's to be expected'. I waited until after the new year to contact them when I still didn't get any update. So I contacted them, and they said they couldn't help me and that they'd put a message through internally and that I'd be contacted. This never happened. Rinse and repeat all the way to somewhere mid-January. Luckily, I was able to contact someone from Otaku Square themselves (with the 1st order, I got an e-mail from someone internally when the initial problem seemed to be resolved), instead of their external CS center. They told me that it was indeed delayed and told me that the new release date would be somewhere early February. They were also aware of the problems that were happening, but there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes
    So, I waited again until the supposed release date... Nothing again. Keep in mind, all this time, the release date on my order page was still set to December 2021. It was never updated.
    Once again, I tried to contact CS, because maybe it'd gotten better by now. Nope, not at all.
    Meanwhile, I saw other sites getting stock of this series of figures, so I was getting worried. I contacted CS very often, but often got the same result. Eventually, I asked for a refund, which they said they'd put through. But, I had to contact CS very often again and every time I heard the same thing again. I resorted to contacting the same person again in March, and eventually got a hold of them. Once again, they were kind of enough to be of actual help and gave me the refund. I did get my money back too.
    The order is weirdly enough still open in my account though.

    I still have part of the 1st order open (due in May), but I have very little faith that this order will actually fulfilled...

    TLDR: poor communication with customers, seemingly broken order system and CS is close to useless when there's a problem. Once you manage to get a hold of someone internally, they are pretty helpful, but that's not a good way to resolve things.
    11 months ago
  • 1★ - i do not recommend this website
    i had a pre-order with them, they had competitive prices, but, they manage their stock like sh*t.
    let me explain, once i had a pre-order, they let you know that the payment went well (not an invoice), once the preorder was done, they give you a Shipment date.
    once the shipment date came, they did not ship the figure, neither provide a number to follow the order, nothing, it's been a few days, and their customer service response is the next:
    "we don't know why the figure hasn't been delivered, i'm going to keep you comunicating the news"
    and this was after multiple chats with the customer service, also, i ask them if there it was a posibility of a delay, i will be okay with that, but, i wanted to be informed, and the person behind the chat told me.
    "i just dont know, the figure seems in stock"
    its like, the people behind customer manage service seems to not be aware neither of the stock, neither of delays, neither of nothing, they are there to provide useless information for nothing.
    i would not recomend this website to anyone, keep away from them.
    if you are from europe, i definelly recommend you another websites and stay away from otaku square.
    since then, i open a case in paypal to get my money back, you guess right, they are not responding there either.
    the fun fact, i order the same figure in stock in another website (the last one) and they provide me a number to follow the shipment the next day i did the order.
    1 year ago
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