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  • My Favourite Proxy

    Yokatta offers the best rates period.

    There is no website management as orders are done through email and PayPal. Considering they offer very cheap rates I don't mind this at all.

    Yokatta will hold packages for 3-4 months so you can build multiple orders up before shipping them together.

    My one negative with Yokatta is the two step ordering process. Since the ordering is done by email you have to first email them about your item. They will then send you a payment request in which you must pay before they order. This takes time and could cost you if an item is short on stock.
    8 years ago
  • A Great Proxy

    If you're having trouble finding exclusives items, then I suggest you give Yokatta a try.

    I ordered my Neris ITEM #61403 through Yokatta last year. Upon release they sent me an email to request for shipping payment.

    Being the idiot customer I was, I deleted their email in the spam folder by accident. After waiting for a month and a half, I contacted them regarding my order. I was surprised that they had my order ready and was only awaiting shipping fees.

    Thanks again for the great service Yokatta. I wouldn't have access to exclusives without you guys.
    8 years ago
  • My favourite proxy

    Can't go wrong with their customer service they are a good bunch and do whatever they can for you. They display all the costs and why such and such is charged which is great. They've never failed me on bids as of yet.
    8 years ago
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