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  • Excelent

    I love real-time and sniper bidding options.
    Ship item fast, good shipping options, price is okay.

    Very good website and system.
    Is my favorite proxy.
    8 years ago
  • Awesome

    fast, not pricey, efficient, points system, and good customer service. occasionally, they also give you a discount if you buy from Rakuten. loving this proxy <3
    8 years ago
  • A great proxy

    I decided to try FromJapan after discovering their free commission and hearing good things about them here. I was very pleased with them. Their site is easy to use, fees are clearly explained, and you are walked through every step of the process thoroughly and with examples. They even provide shipping quotes for every method, which is amazing.
    They repack your item(s) extremely securely in a new box and with adequate packing material.
    The only possible downside is that you must use a credit card or make a direct bank transfer to make the initial deposit to raise your bid limit.
    8 years ago
  • Good and bad experiences at the same time...

    I only bought 2 times and all was ok except for the shipping method.The first time they said that the figure was so big for send it for SAL Reg,when ALL stores sent it for SAL Reg when was available.The second was an auction of 1,500 yens.The only methods were ALL parcels,I ask them for split the 2 figures(of Sega,that not are big...)and the said that they can't split 1 order in 2 shipments,OMG >_<.In the 2 orders was most expensive the shipments that the figures...And two times I paid the customers charges...

    The replies were fast,etc. but I won't buy again.
    8 years ago
  • What a rip off.

    From Japan falsely tries to pass as a good shop when in reality they are greedy thieves out to rob you of your cash.

    After winning an auction they send you a form asking whether you want regular packing or paying extra to repack the item in a lighter manner (the second costs money). They do NOT tell you the weight of the item until you blindly decide how much the packing will be. After this they tell you the shipping options based ON THAT WEIGHT and if you want to change the packing they charge you AN EXTRA 20$!

    They also forbid you to SAL small package anything that TOGETHER exceeds 60$
    7 years ago
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