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  • A pretty decent proxy service.

    I only ordered from them once and I was very satisfied with it. The process and the shipping to their warehouse took a while though but I was able to get my item in three weeks after purchasing it. Like other people said, there's "hidden fees" which includes 5% fee on payment and other stuff. But hey, the commission fee was pretty cheap (200 yen). Overall, my items came in packaged nicely and I had no problem with them...so far. I'll be using the website soon again.
    4 years ago
  • Decent service

    It's my first time using this particular proxy service. The website is easy to navigate and their notification system is efficient. The fees are generally OK, though the 5% fee if you don't use their shop point system can be annoying. If you want to use this proxy often, it would be wise to use this point system to save on cost. Packaging was decent both in term of protection and size. I found the overall experience to be smooth and quick.

    I didn't interact with their customer service which seems to be abysmal. I didn't rate it which means my satisfaction % is artificially high.
    4 years ago
  • amy616 Let's DANCE
    Failure to communicate

    I had an incident where PayPal filed a claim without my consent (even made a blog about it) and I explained this to FromJapan and contacted PayPal to close it. Days later I found out that I was banned from FJ because I filed a dispute. I've sent them a lot of emails explaining it was not me and I have no idea why PayPal did this and I had to go out of my time to contact PayPal. And yet FJ didn't read any of my emails and banned me without any prior notice. I used FJ a few times before, but their failure to communicate has just lost a customer.
    4 years ago
  • "Hidden" cost!!!

    I've used it once for buying service and i would said i was tricked by the "Shipping Calculator" they have provided. Keep original package- they use a new box and charge extra and the item weight increased, where others just send you the original package. End up extra 1500yen+ for a single item. Not recomended for shopping, maybe for auction idk.
    5 years ago
  • Cheapest proxy with 'cheap' customer service too

    No doubt that FromJapan is the cheapest proxy with 200 JPY service fee. However take note of the "hidden" additional 5% surcharge when making payment via credit card or paypal which almost all non-Japanese users are using. Thus if your item is quite expensive, FromJapan may not be the cheapest.

    Their customer service sucks. Their packing can be hits or misses. And when you have problems with your items eg. damaged when they receive it or damaged when you receive it, FromJapan won't give any s**t about it.

    Just use this to buy cheap and non-breakable items.
    5 years ago
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