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  • Moribundead モリバンデッド
    Reliable service

    I've been using FJ's service for more than two years now (40 shipments) and never had any problems. I'm glad there are companies like this one.^^
    7 months ago
  • My Go-To Proxy

    FromJapan is the cheapest shopping service that I know of. For every order, I choose the "Basic Forwarding Plan" which is 300 yen per order/seller/store & the cheapest domestic shipping option with no tracking. All items were ordered within the same day or within 24 hours (depending on the time that I made the charge 1 payment). Once all the items arrived at their warehouse, I instructed my items for shipping & got the charge 2 payment notification about two days later. Once the charge 2 is paid, FJ ships out the package within 24 hours (sometimes same day). I always use SAL - Unregistered Small Packet & have no problems with it. A minor issue I had was with FJ's packing. I ordered some Gift plushies and they were shipped without any bubble-wrap. I guess this was to keep the international shipping cost low. Luckily, none of the items were damaged but it's just a heads up. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with their service & will continue to use them.

    2 years ago
  • Vanya-pon Resident Zergling
    Great proxy - at your own risk.

    Ah, good ol' From Japan. As with any other proxy, be cautious of the "hidden fees" or they'll come back at ya. Like, you know the feeling when you find a bunch of cheap auctions and go ahead and catch 'em all and think "Hey, what a bargain" just to get face-punched by all dem bank transfer and domestic delivery fees? That's the thing I'm talking about.

    Make sure you're aware of these potential pitfalls and try to bundle your orders to save on domestic delivery charges and the amount of bank transfers necessary and you're all set. Other than that, their customer service is great! n_n/)
    5 years ago
  • For now, FromJapan is the cheapest YAJ proxy that I know of.


    Link is to a cost comparison between 4 YAJ proxies, including FromJapan. Though the difference in fees isn't much, FJ wins over Goody Japan by having automated bidding and over Buyee for not charging fees for combining auctions. (Buyee also only does EMS, for now).

    I would also like to mention that domestic delivery fees and bank transfer fees should be considered as part of the "item cost", not "proxy fees". Similar for Paypal / credit card transaction fee. Mentioning this since I too often see YAJ beginners blame proxies for these fees.
    5 years ago
  • AsterClovis That Loser Over There
    Good proxy service.

    Not remarkable, not bad, just average. Great packing and great shipping. No problems with them whatsoever. They charge very little fees, but I wish they could at least tell me what requires a bank transfer, since that charge was unexpected. It was just a 300 yen charge, but I'm still satisfied with this proxy service. I would probably shop here again. Very great customer service.
    6 years ago
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