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  • Risayla ◔‸◔

    *Warning that they sell bootleg soundtracks, whether they still do or not I don't know because of that I do not recommend them.

    This used to be the only shop I would order from before finding out about others. My experience at the time was "okay". They would ship out my items in a satchel without any padding and half the time my boxes would be a bit mangled and sometimes I found out my items were already opened as well, I wouldn't have had a problem with this if that was in the description for the item. I haven't touched the store since so I don't know if their methods have changed or not.
    8 years ago
  • Very slow shipping.

    Recently brought Gift's Saber. Product range was decent with some rare/ old figures, but shipping is way too slow. Took 2 weeks to get my figure when I live in Melbourne, I'v had faster shipping from Japan using SAL.
    8 years ago
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