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Love Live! School Idol FestivalSelling your account

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    Stalking (3 years ago) #4328207I'm a bit scared of sharing this since I know there are mixed feelings on the topic, but here goes!

    What do you guys think of people who sell their accounts?
    I don't mean starter accounts with 1 UR, but their main accounts, for example.

    I've been playing since February on the English version, but as of late, I haven't been dedicating it much time (since I mostly play the Japanese version).

    I've spent a few bucks on the account, but mostly lots of time, and was extremely lucky as to have 7 URs (+2 promo ones, so a total of 9URs if you wanna take promo ones into account). 7URs and almost 50 SR is quite a haul, and instead of just letting my account collect "dust", I decided to sell it.

    In Klabs terms of service there are a few prohibitions, including "selling digital goods", and I guess your account gets in there, still I've seen people sell it on ebay, so I just jumped in at the chance and published mine too.

    I'm curious to see what you guys think about account selling in general!
    Would you ever sell your account(s)? Why or why not? If yes, for how much?

    I would probably sell it if I lost interest in the game,but I would never buy one. I want to advance with my own merit,so I wouldn't want to have a bunch of UR's that haven't been given to me. I want to get to where I want with my own merits.
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