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    Hello, my first post! :3 Im going through my collections here at home and want to contribute images. I have mostly a large sailor moon collection but have completed or near complete of other figures, dolls, ect but are not anime related, but are cartoon related. Examples of stuff are 80's vintage toys like She ra, shimmers, sea wees, newer stuff star wars figures, disney figures and plush (mostly little mermaid related), some rare barbies, winx club, my little pony, ect.

    I wanted to know if I can upload these things, because mostly the reason I signed up for the site is to keep track of my collection at the push of a button so it would be nice to get an official word on me doing so. :) It wouldnt be my whole collection, just ones I like to keep tabs on because there are other pieces Im missing and I sometimes forget what I have since I rotate my displays.

    So in a nutshell, anime only to this site, yay or nay? thanks for the help! :)
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