The Question and answer club[HELP] Can you identify it please? #2

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    11 months ago
    tharglet11 months ago#68477525Max Limited is a manufacturer of goods, here is their site - max-jpn.com/com...
    Barcode would imply it was for sale - prize items generally don't have barcodes, as this would be an extra expense for something that isn't expected to ever be scanned.
    Wondering if some company commissioned this to be made - can't find any web results that definitely pertain to it. The JAN only dredges up one result on Rakuten that I'm not sure is related (and the page no longer exists, and Google never cached it). Which would imply some kind of limited circulation.
    Suppose you could go for broke and tweet at Max Limited, and see if they bother replying?

    Thank you so much! I didn't know prizes don't have barcodes, lol.

    I looked a bit more and found a lot of sellers from France. In one auction they mentioned the NihonBox from February 2019. Mystery solved.
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