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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago


    -This topic is for posting your monthly pre-orders as well as showing off your latest loot-

    No major figure purchases for a while on my end. I backed the Kodomo no Jikan Kickstarter, so I'm in conserve mode for now :P
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    4 years ago
    Damn, how is half the year gone already? Normally, I'd put up a collage of my purchases, but since Imgur has screwed up hotlinking uploaded pictures, I'll have to keep it old school.

    Master Artoria (Capsule Servant, Alter)


    Nozomi Tojo (Love Live!: School Idol Festival, Alter)


    Dakimakura Cover: Murakumo (Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, Hobby Stock)

    NSFW: View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/pics/figure/large/434306.jpg

    I'm still waiting for my June order to get out of customs, hoping to have them by the end of the week! :)
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    3 for me in July



    Wonder who will be delayed.

    Still haven't paid for my June order. Not sure if I want to considering how bad the pictures of Balzac I've seen look. Maybe I'll ask Ami to separate her and just pay for Cordelia and Nendo Miku.

    Oh and Flickr still works for posting pics.
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    4 years ago
    Well much to my surprise amiami canceled sweater girl and didn't outright ban me for not paying for her and ignoring their payment requests, so the 3rd Bastard!! girl is due out this month, Shiin-Hari ITEM #236661 and she is my next figure if she comes out.

    Also picked up the Black Canary Bishoujo because I saw the new sideshow statue and nearly pre-ordered her, but the EX was a joke so no need to pre-order. :

    -Baka Zeitgeist
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    Two for me. Urara Haruno and girl Law Trafalgar.

    NSFW (just in case):

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://i918.photobucket.com/albums/ad29/robert-mcuser/PO-July.jpg
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    4 years ago
    Big month for me, starting with AX where I got one figure.


    And now to wait for these orders.


  • ohmygoditsjrod
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    4 years ago
    Saber Bride was dated for 07/13. HUZZAH!!
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    4 years ago
    Only Alter Nozomi Tojo ITEM #317823 for me:

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    4 years ago
    Baka_Bishie4 years ago#12375494Damn, how is half the year gone already? Normally, I'd put up a collage of my purchases, but since Imgur has screwed up hotlinking uploaded pictures, I'll have to keep it old school.

    There's always Photobucket.
  • ohmygoditsjrod
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    4 years ago
    Some new pics popped up of Balzac which look a lot better so I went ahead and paid for her. Also Saber Bride got dated to release on 07/13. 2 days after my birthday. What a nice present.
  • Arcadius
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    4 years ago
    Been a while everyone, here with some pictures of Illya and Kuro from Amakuni, sculpted by Grizzry. NSFW images but I'll put them in a Spoiler tag just incase, copy/paste from my little write up I wrote for the folks at LINE too. Hope you like the images.


    A little review on the girls, of all the girls I have ever felt before, Chloe/Kuro and Illya have the absolute softest, I’m talking the softest PVC material in this world, nothing I’ve felt, not even when Yuuki Mikan was brand new (Alter’s laying on floof one) comes close to how unbelievable smooth and just heavenly soft Illya and Kuro are.

    In terms of quality, amazing. I know they’re simple, and that’s even more reason why they should be as close to flawless as possible. With my camera, I did find some faults in Illya (Kuro is… basically flawless), but that’s okay, I never noticed them when I inspected them up close with my eye, only the lens picked the flaws out (which I took care of in post anyhow).

    They are beautiful and I know the images people have already seen show this off, but having them in person really is something else, it’s just… my mouth was agape really and I know I love these two girls very much, so bias is absolutely showing, but Amakuni and Grizzry did a phenomenal job painting and sculpting the two gaoliscious beauties Illya and Kuro.

    Regarding the images, this is the first time I tried to take photos outside, for two reasons. I’ve done and researched quite a bit about my camera and the largest and most obvious fault it has is the small sensor size, which means I NEED light, a lot of it, to take good clear pictures. These pictures presented today are probably the sharpest and cleanest I can take at the moment without spending the $$$’s and still learning about taking photos in general... As it stands, chromatic aberration can be a bit bad, even in post not all of it can be removed and things, but it’s fine. I tried my absolute best and took almost 100 pictures of my two loves. 44 of them I present to you today after I worked on them and decided what to share.

    Being outside, shadows and the intense sun light can be a bit of a pain and Illya appears really white, trust me, in the sunlight, she is very very pale-skinned and even out of it, is quite pale still.

    Final words, for only $240 or so, I am absolutely stunned and beyond excited to have these two girls live with me. I’ve dreamt of them (literally), I love them very much and I think the amount of time and the fact I wanted to take the best pictures I can try to take shows that. I hope you all enjoy them.

    For those that have them in tow or want to buy them a ticket home, I wouldn’t sit on it at all. One of my all time, if not my favorite girls so far, they’re lewd, they’re beautiful and they cheered me up immensely.

    PS: Yes, Illya and Kuro’s butts feel really nice.

    View spoilerHide spoiler







    If you'd like to see more/all just visit the girls page here on MFC =). I really do love them very much.
  • ohmygoditsjrod
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    4 years ago
    Nice pics Arc.
  • Luse666
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    4 years ago
    Gwen showed up, only complaints are shes a tiny little figure in a big ass box, and she wobbles:


    Bonus my piddly Vanillaware collection shot:

    Playing as Mercedes now and sorta wanting to pick her up. Velvet looks to be out of reach for now. Gwen will do nicely.
    -Baka Zeitgeist
  • souhait
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    4 years ago
    I've been slacking when it comes to posting here! Just another sword boy this month:


    He has one of my favorite designs and he's already got a release date, really looking forward to getting him. Paid for another sword boy (ITEM #331506) and Clear (ITEM #348411) nendos not too long ago too.
  • antibolo
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    I don't post in this thread often these days. (or any thread for that matter)

    Just got Sakuya and she's great. People hate on her face but I think she's aaaahright.

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    ohmygoditsjrod thanks for the information about the release date of Saber bride, now i hope that Nozomi will be also released this month. I don't want that my amiami order be cut down.

    Arcadius your pictures are stunning. I haven't heard about these 2 figures before and i have to say that i'm sad the figures are already sold out on Nippon Yasan and the price already went up as hell. I'm wondering if some shops still have these figures in stock for a decent price especially ITEM #324691

    Luse666 nice that amiami didn't ban you. The Black Canary Bishoujo looks great waiting to get the Sideshow PF as well ^^

    Wanderer5 nice pick up, i really like this Nendo Miku, this is my second favorite after ITEM #153162 that i own.

    I will try to get ITEM #323689 one day if i can find her for a good price.

    souhait i don't this guy but he looks awesome, i like his samaruai style.

    antibolo There is nothing impressive but the figure looks fine for me.

    Well this month i have three figures on pre orders which were scheduled last month.

    I have Nami ITEM #371720 the figure is already released but Animarket didn't get her yet so it will be this month.
    NSFW : View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/-OJ-1448811480.jpeg

    Otherwise i have Saber Bride ITEM #287852

    and Nozomi ITEM #317823

    This week one of my neighbour received 4 parcels for me, i got it today when i came back to work.

    I have received one parcel with the three replacement parts for the Sorceress. I have also received my two unregesitered SAL parcels, one with ITEM #287706 and the other one with ITEM #318690.

    Finally my last parcel was the one shipped by boat at the end of April with ITEM #350329 , ITEM #350333 , ITEM #350328 and ITEM #391537

    I will open the figures tomorrow and take some pictures as well.
  • Wanderer5
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    4 years ago • Updated 4 years ago
    Well pretty much my most hyped figure of this year has arrived. Unsurprisingly he comes in a big box for a figma heh.



    Not bothering with the car much yet till I am set with his display spot, but I loving Sherlock himself so far.
  • Omegabalmung
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    4 years ago
    Lucky Chloe

  • Giolon
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    4 years ago
    I'm really liking that Gwendolyn re-issue's pinker skin tone compared to the yellower tone of the original. Great photos, Luse!

    And Omega, great photos of Lucky Chloe! I might have to look at picking her up once she's available cheap domestically.
  • cfx
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    4 years ago
    I guess it's a small thing, but Lucky Chloe's base is awesome. :)
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