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    3 years ago • Updated 3 years ago


    -This topic is for posting your monthly pre-orders as well as showing off your latest loot-

    How did WonFes turn out for you guys? Was it everything you dreamed? Or a complete letdown?

    Let's see everyone's post-WonFes wish lists this time!

    Here's mine LIST #69615
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    3 years ago
    My post WonFes resolution is to inevitably spend several thousand dollars on stuff that was shown.

    Wait, is it a resolution if I already know it's going to happen whether I like it or not?

    (Pst, you'll need to rehost the images because imgur is stupid)
    Welcome to Despair~
  • milk120
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    3 years ago
    Katto3 years ago#13715568(Pst, you'll need to rehost the images because imgur is stupid)

    Done. Hopefully that's fixed it.
  • Jiiyawn
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    3 years ago
    I enjoyed this years summer wonfes announcements compared to the last 2 summer wonfes, got 4 definite pruchases

    As for this month, these 2 are my only pre-orders, unless they get delayed again


  • Einbroch
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    3 years ago

    That's it this month.
  • Bombless
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    3 years ago
    With Huke Saber being pushed to September the only figure left this month is Flower Girl. You know which one.
  • cfx
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    Bombless3 years ago#13738914With Huke Saber being pushed to September the only figure left this month is Flower Girl. You know which one.
    There's a more explicit picture of her on this (very NSFW) page from WF: www.moeyo.com/a...

    I have two figures:

    1) Alter Nozomi ITEM #317823


    2) GSC Racing Miku 2015 ITEM #272977


    Nozomi confirmed for the 4th; kinda expecting Miku to be delayed.

    I think I got 10-12 things out of WF that I'm interested in which seems about typical lately, but about 4-5 that were painted which is the only ones I need to be concerned about anytime soon lol.
  • Luse666
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    3 years ago
    Last month's Shiin Hari's on the way from amiami, Hot Toy Captain Phasma is getting charged on Friday, and should be here next week, and I pre-ordered the Sideshow Black Canary PF with a local dealer as the EX wasn't worth the extra cost of importing her.

    Decided to skip the new Brown Wolverine PF as I just fancy the yellow and blue look more.
    -Baka Zeitgeist
  • ohmygoditsjrod
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    3 years ago
    With Huke Saber being delayed I have essentially my order from last month. Saber Bride and Tony Rin and Len. Also supposed to get Mercedes from TOM this month.
  • Wanderer5
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    3 years ago • Updated 3 years ago
    Ghost Rider has arrived in lego form as he teams up with Spiderman to beat the Hobgoblin! Probably my only particular purchase for this month.




  • Luse666
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    3 years ago
    So Sideshow showed off a Wolf predator bust during comic con, and it was awesome, I may hate the AVP movies, but the actual wolf predator sculpt is my all time favorite predator. I don't even like busts, but this one caught my eye in ways most don't. This was supposed to be a bust in line with others they have done over the last few years.

    They have announced earlier in the week the edition size will be 750 only, that it won't have an EX, nor will it be available to buy anywhere but their site. They also announced that the US will get free shipping (which should have been a sign, when ever sideshow offers that they price will be insane)

    Today they announced that people who signed up for predator emails get first dibs on Wednesday, which sucks for anyone not in the know, and they announced the price.

    The most expensive one to date was $400 released in 2013, last bust was 2014 and $390, but they want $649.99 for this one, and that's before the new shipping prices.


    Heart broken, but pricing like this makes passing on things way too easy.
    -Baka Zeitgeist
  • Omegabalmung
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    3 years ago • Updated 3 years ago
    Vertex Selvaria Bles:

    View spoilerHide spoiler

    DC Icons Superman:

  • Tiddy
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    3 years ago
    LOOT TIME. Got this beautiful package today! It's way too big for the things I ordered. Half of the package was filled with air pillows.


    Warning: I suck at photography. ;)
    High School DxD NEW - Himejima Akeno - 1/4 - Bunny ver. (FREEing)(including group fotos of all three HSDxD Bunnies)

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://abload.de/img/dsc_0027i8jk7.jpg

    K-ON! - Kotobuki Tsumugi - 1/8 - 5th Anniversary (Animaru!, Stronger)


    I should get Ritsu this month but I don't really expect her till September or October. That's the curse when you use your local dealer. :p
  • Kewlmyc
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    3 years ago
    First time in a few months, I have no figures coming in, but I might post some pictures of my gets last month.
  • Giolon
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    3 years ago
    Well, my willpower broke down enough for me to order Vertex's Swimsuit Selvaria. She looks better in person than she does in the promo photos. They all used a fairly wide angle lens, which further distorted her proportions. Don't get me wrong. She's still super exaggerated, but it plays off marginally better in real life.

    As usual, the sculpt detail is nice, the paint is good, and she's fairly large. I'll have a couple comparison shots to the Alter Swimsuit Selvaria and Vertex's other Selvaria soon.


  • Bombless
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    3 years ago
  • ohmygoditsjrod
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    3 years ago
    Great pics. Better than the prototype ones.
  • Baka_Bishie
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    3 years ago
    This post is a little later than anticipated since I knew my July order was due so soon I wanted to wait until it was here. Summer WonFes was really good this year, so good I still haven't really set a list of things in mind I want yet. Part of that has been my display which I've changed again (slightly) to give me more room going forward. But I plan to spend some time soon and budget out the rest of the year, should be a "fun" experience. ;P

    Anyway, so July! It was a small month, made smaller by Nozomi being delayed into the beginning of August. I only ended up getting one figure and one daki, so let's have a look, shall we?

    Master Artoria (Capsule Servant, Alter)


    Yet another addition to my "Isn't that Saber? I swear that's Saber!" collection. This time it's Master Artoria, first introduced in the parody series Capsule Servant, she's Saber reimagined as a Master instead of a Servant. Despite the simple pose, I really appreciate a lot of the more subtle details here more than I thought I would.


    I think the nicest thing is how well the breeze is represented here. It's clear her uniform is in motion, and the way the sculpting conveys the subtle wind passing by is really striking here. I also really like her expression in the final product, she has a pensive expression that's uncharacteristic for Saber, but fits her very nicely. The command seal on her right hand also looks very crisp.


    While it's a little hard to see the detail on the sword's fabric sheath (I should clarify: the shealth is not actual fabric, just sculpted to look like it is), the embroidered pattern is beautiful and has a slightly shiny finish which helps it stand out. Also, I think you get a really great look at her legs here, which are quite alluring, and a real selling point considering it's the most skin she shows.

    Also, I couldn't resist having a look up her skirt, and what I found I'm certain would be a violation of her school's dress code! ;P

    NSFW: View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Baka_Bishie1470521062.jpeg


    So in the end I feel she was a wonderful edition to my shelf of "Not Sabers." Here's to seeing how long it takes before I get an actual Saber to join them! Now if you would like to see more about my latest dakimakura progress, then proceed, but be warned: everything that follows is NSFW.

    NSFW: View spoilerHide spoilerWell with Murakumo's arrival, I've finished my planned collection of Gessen girls, with very satisfied results. I still think Shiki is the best of the three, but I have no complaints about how Murakumo turned out other than that there's no trace of her mask anywhere. But it's a minor quibble, one I can overlook since everything else turned out so fine.



    And with that, I've moved my current display over to my new office, with my lovely ladies adorning the wall next to my desk. I've decided for the time being to use the Shinobi side, since it's a little more colorful, and a nice change as I've been displaying them the other way around as long as I've had them. :)


    So with that, August was looking pretty heavy until Huke's Saber Alter was delayed to September, so for now, I only have three things on the way: Alter's Nozomi Tojo, GSC's recent Nadeko Sengoku ~Medusa Version~ and a daki cover of Hanabi, one of the new sisters introduced in Estival Versus. Should be exciting since I expect all three will be here in a few weeks! I look forward to sharing more then. :)
  • Luse666
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    3 years ago
    Shiin Hari arrived today, and she has been the most pain in the ass figure I've owned to date. She arrived with her clothes on, but they were not pegged closed, and she had tons of plastic wrap all over her. So I stripped her and took the plastic off, and found out when I tried to redress her the pegs she comes with to keep her clothed are each removable, meaning they can fall out. A hair dryer was brought out to soften the plastic, to get some of the pegs in, but it also made one of the pegs fall out, and these things are tiny as fuck, just slightly bigger then a grain of sand. It took about 12 minutes to get that tiny peg back into the hole it came from and after that I said fuck trying to peg the rest in place. Gonna have to be twice as careful dusting her off in a week to make sure I don't lose anything.

    That said she looks great, and fits right in with Kai and Arshes.

    -Baka Zeitgeist
  • robert18
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    3 years ago
    Saki ITEM #343054 arrived yesterday. Bought it from Amazon in $40, the price was really suspicious, but the seller was Amazon itself so I give it a try.

    Well, one part of her hair arrived broken T_T


    Is kinda inevitable to think that the price has something to do with this, but I suppose it was just bad luck, this things happens. But well, doesn't seem to be difficult to repair, some glue will do the trick.

    About the figure, this is my first Plum figure, she is really good, but I see some little things here and there, some scratch in her bunny ears, some marks in the head, one little white scratch in her tights, the base don't get in the way it's supposed to be, nothing that important but give me some doubts about the general quality of Plum.

    Nonetheless, I really like her, love her smile and how she is slightly blushed, she's a cutie.

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