AZONE HOLICS!How to attach hair dress accessories?

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    4 years ago
    Hi there. I have a problem with one of my doll's accessories and I've been trying to look up information on how to solve it and also have been attempting several times to solve it myself but have failed. I have a hair dress accessory for one of my dolls, specifically this one: ITEM #105997 and I just cannot attach it correctly. One time I got close but it wasn't really turning out right and was going over the hair that falls next to her face, which I didn't want. I'm trying to get it to be like how it is in that official picture, but I can't do it. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Kuraibu4 years ago...

    Hey there! First of all, I'm super jealous of you for having this Sahra!! XDDD I've been wanting her for ever :p

    But for your problem, I obviously don't have the exact same doll but I do have ITEM #20630 and ITEM #20641 who both have similar head dresses and bangs. It was indeed incredibly fiddly to attach the head dress in a way that looks good. I even have long finger nails which makes it all the more difficult XD You should lay the head dress on top of the doll's head, maybe you could ask someone to softly put a finger on it while you wrap it under the doll's chin. I'd try to shove the streaks of hair that fall right next to her face a bit into her face, so you can wrap the bands of the head dress properly behind those streaks. If the hair gets stuck in the wrapping, continue to wrap and later try to carefully get the streaks of hair out of there with the handle of a back-combing comb for example.

    I hope this made somewhat sense XD Congrats on that beautiful girl again <3
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