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    willyg1982 (1 year ago) #23494310ahnpan (1 year ago) #23473379willyg1982 (1 year ago) #22970118I was wondering the same thing myself for more info on the API docs.
    I glanced at the official android app and it has a lot of functionalities i didnt find in the docs. I hope we can get info on it.

    Yup. That the same thing I did when I found your thread.

    API v2 docs can be found here:


    However, there's alot of functionality not working, eg. fetching lists, comments, Picture of the Month, Week, ...

    You'll find you'll have to use a mix of both the API v1 and API v2 to get the most out of it API wise.

    As for the functionality that seems to not be in the docs: Chances are big that these are just webcontent shown in the app, and are not results fetched from an API. As far as I can see, there's no magic / hidden functions in that app that's not made public, but the exposed API is limited for sure. I wish that they'd update their API so all REST functions could be exposed to developers, but alas..

    I've started development of a newer Android app nearly 2 years ago... Maybe this is the right moment to start development again :D
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