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    MFC Shops Feedback & Rating Page

    Online shop: www.blackship.c...

    Package forwarding service based in Japan.

    Shipping: EMS, Fedex Intl. Economy, Airmail, SAL, Parcel Post (Airmail & SAL), Seamail.
    Payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, JCB, and Diner’s Club.

    Support pages: support.blacksh...
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    I wrote a review about them, I hope it helps people out! BLOG #34295
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    Anyone experience with the new version? I got the first non-free subscription but comes with some benefits like longer storage, lower fees.
    I haven't used them as long as I used Tenso, but it looks better to me.
    A bit less good overview and history. Also, need to declare contents of every incoming parcel instead of just once for consolidated. They do make photos of the box so you can see the sender and domestic tracking number, which kind of required for declaration.
    They also have invoice removal service which might be useful since customs is getting more annoying.
    They have moved some while ago, so I had to update the address. I also changed the ID number from old (M####) to new (K####). They had then asked to migrate one parcel from old to new site when they saw I had new account too.
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