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Take care of your figures!Tying a bow out of an impossibly small ribbon

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  • SB-129Regular Boarder
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    • 5 years ago
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    7 months ago • Updated 7 months ago
    I got this doll in the mail today:
    ITEM #10559

    One her her hair ribbons was loose off of her braid, and when I tried to tighten it back on, the bow came completely undone, as well as pulling several hairs loose from the band holding the braid together.

    I'm not kidding: I'm on the verge of tears. I have zero experience tying bows, I'm physically clumsy, and the ribbon is about four inches long and permanently crumpled from years of being tied in a bow. I need some serious help. I don't want to destroy her braid any more than I already have.
  • kyoshinheiRegular Boarder
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    7 months ago
    You could make a stop to your local haberdashery, buy some small ribbons and practice on that until you feel comfortable enough to attempt the fix on your figure. To restore the braid you could similarly get yourself a cheap toy (like a My Little Pony) and train on that.

    It'll probably be difficult to re-do the braid exactly the same as the other other one so you might want to considered re-doing both braids so that they match.
  • hikaridranzVery Important Boarder
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    7 months ago
    try using tweezers to tie the bow?
  • debinoresuRegular Boarder
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    • Owasso, Oklahoma
    7 months ago
    you can either look up videos and attempt to tie it using some tools (i;e tweezers like hikaridranz recommended) or you could potentially try taking her to a tailor/seamstress and seeing if they could tie the little ribbon for you. you might be charged a little bit but this seems really important to you. a tailor might know how to tie a tiny ribbon pretty easily.
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