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Take care of your figures!Repairing Play Arts Joints?

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    6 months ago
    I recently moved to a new apartment and along the way I believe one of my Play Arts figures was damaged in the process. I'd stood up my Tali'Zorah figure on my shelf just fine but she eventually fell over and her leg broke off, and I'm not sure how if at all I would go about fixing it.

    Thank you in advance for any advice you can give, I'm not sure if I've put this in the correct place...

  • kyoshinheiRegular Boarder
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    6 months ago
    Hi and welcome to MFC. You did come to the right place.

    From what I see, I may be able to suggest a solution but first I need to be certain that I understand how this joint works.
    In your picture I can see a sort of ring/gear inside the pelvis socket.
    My guess is that what you need to do is to take out that ring, glue it back to the broken peg and then reassemble the leg and pelvis together.

    For a first step can you try to take out the ring (use a tool or needle) and send additional pictures of it from various angles so that I can of a way to strongly reattach it.

    I'm about 80% sure that I have figured out how it is supposed to work but in case I am wrong and the ring does not come off please report here and I'll suggest a different approach.
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