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Kawaii CollectorsCutest Miku figures: Go!

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    I love that Pumpkin Miku! I often think that Miku fans are very lucky to get such creative and cute figures churned out at you, but then I realise you all pay for it. :P

    I'm really biased towards the Rabbit Yukine figures just because there's a rabbit in them :/ ITEM #211405 This is THE cutest in my opinion, Snow Bell ver nendoroid, I feel like the concept can't be matched for me, and the nendo version of it is the cutest. Her expression, her hair, the colour scheme, the fact Rabbit Yukine is HOLDING A SNOW BELL TOO, leaf umbrella... it's just too much for me, it's the one Miku thing I've come close to impulse buying. I think this may be controversial compared to other designs in the poll? Especially because she's more of a 'late winter' Miku? But I love her.

    Also shoutout to ITEM #328029 and ITEM #423597 which were mentioned already!

    I wanted to add to the discussion some I think are cute that haven't been brought up to my knowledge...

    ITEM #108720 Racing 2012 ver. Nendoroid Petit! The teal/blue/pink colour scheme is great, her hair's flying in the wind, and she looks ecstatic. It's adorable.

    ITEM #197876 1/10 Hobby Japan Sakura ver. is so cute in her simplicity, I love all the cherry Miku because they're pink and I'm easy to please! She has a nice uniform too.
    ITEM #236245 1/8 Tell Your World ver.'s outfit is another favourite of mine, plus her face is nicer to me than a lot of fancier Miku figs.
    ITEM #321897 1/8 Racing 2016 ver. is actually one of the cutest scale Miku renderings, imo. Like, I don't think the outfit is the cutest or the theme or anything, but face, twintails, ribbons in her hair, all look too cute for words. She has an expression of delight and thrill that matches her theme perfectly and really makes me happy.
    ITEM #604409 1/8 Harvest Moon ver. is more 'beautiful' and 'elegant' than cute to me too, but she definitely has a cute charm as well.

    ITEM #153162 Rabbit Yukine, Magical Snow ver. 2014... I prefer her alternative faceplates, which are ridiculously cute. But just her whole outfit is great, with her witch's hat, bow, and ruffles, and her bunny. She has a reading pose, which is to die for.
    ITEM #423596 Rabbit Yukine, Magical Snow ver. 2017... I prefer 2014 outfit, but her bunny got even cuter, and that winking faceplate :D

    I could go on and on honestly since I didn't even get into the figmas, which I think might be her best after her nendos
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