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    darkinsanity13 (1 year ago) #31386474I've got a question; I've preordered several sets of charms/rubber straps in the last couple months, and I only just noticed that a couple of them say "Assorted according to maker's rate from [# of items in the set] types", while others say "All [# of items in the set] types can be collected by purchasing 1 BOX". Does that mean some of them are completely random on which items in the set you get? I kind of hope not, else I'll be disappointed if I don't get the ones I'm hoping for.

    It means the manufacturer hasn't stated if a full box is a full set or not. Re-Ments are labelled to say they're full sets, others the manufacturer will tell the redistributors/sellers a box is a full set.

    Usually they're full sets, but if AmiAmi hasn't been told, then they can't state if they are or not. I've got something similar on order - really hoping it is a set rather than assorted ^^.
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