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Black Rock ShooterHelp me to choose please!

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    Leihko Hello everyone! (Good forum is a bit dead but it does not matter )
    I had a small question, at least if you can help me for a rather drastic choice x)
    I'm a big fan of BRS so I was going to buy a Dead Master, but there are two great versions of GSC and I can not choose between both. In occasion I found them almost at the same price each one, and they have approximately the same notes.
    So I was trying to find out if any of you knew well these figs and which one he would recommend to choose.
    Personally I have a small preference for the version with the skull (this one: static.myfigure...) because the posture is good , but it is also a disadvantage (veryyyy fragile XD) although the foot is apparently in metal.
    I'm trying desperately to find a forum (or someone) who could answer me x)
    Thanks in advance for your responses! :3
    (Sorry for my approximative english x)

    Hey!!. I have both of those Dead Master scales and i prefer the one with the skull. I like the dynamic pose of it!. Both are beautiful scales so i can't really tell you which one is better... i just prefer the one with the skull.
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