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Black Rock ShooterHelp me to choose please!

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    tharglet (6 months ago) #40820560Here is a picture of the trio of figures together: PICTURE #347445
    There are a few more in the gallery for that figure.
    Personally, if you want the duo to match up, the Dead Master without skull would match best, but both have the chequered floor, so wouldn't look too odd either way.
    Both are nice figures in my opinion, I'd recommend browsing the user-made photos for both figures and see which one you'd most.

    I already look user-made pictures, but I haven’t make a choose. X)

    And I don’t want bought both because my honey and I we have aleready a big collection (in particular big statues like HQS from Tsume art, Oniri Création, F4F, etc...) in very smala flat and we made the rule to buy just one fig of the same character for place reason (maybe except Saber.. because it’s Saber I have not explain that if you know what i mean x) )
    Basically, I MUST make à choose between both, even if I want to buy together x)
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