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    aBoyInTheWoods (6 months ago) #41730448
    How is the Love Live mobile game? I have no experience with the Idol genre of anime or games, so I am curious as to how it plays.

    Nothing makes me happier than cute girls singing songs. I am definitely in idol hell.

    The mobile game is primarily a rhythm game using basically every song from Love Live and Love Live Sunshine, which you unlock as your rank (level) progresses. There's also a story mode that is needed to unlock more songs, but there are no spoilers for the TV series. On top of that, there are frequent events with a lot of helpful items as prizes.

    Your score for each song is determined by what cards are in your team of nine, and you use the gacha (called "scouting" in-game) to get new cards, which are basically just the girls from the series in different outfits.

    If you like rhythm games at all, I recommend it! I've been playing pretty hard for around nine months, and I'm still unlocking songs, so there is plenty of content!
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