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Seattle's CollectorsIntroduce yourself!

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    Hello fellow Seattleite weebs! I've been wanting to introduce myself for over a month but have been very busy with school. So here it goes...

    I recently just got into collecting and by recent I mean over the summer. My first time actually buying figures was when I first attended Sakura-Con just last April. Man did I have a blast going. I even cosplayed as Tobi from Naruto and did not regret doing so. Tobi is by far my most beloved character from the series and I am pretty sad at the fact that there are barely any figures of him.

    My collection is small as of right now, but I have ordered quite a lot. Many of these orders consisting of Ryuko Matoi, my number one waifu.

    I do not play a lot of anime games but I do play Dragalia Lost which is sort of anime-ish I guess. If anyone else plays, here is my player ID: 5874 0202 834

    Hope this club becomes more active!!!
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