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    Okeno (5 months ago) #43350927I assume by dogma compatible you mean same size and scale for interaction, not inter compatibility of parts?
    The only thing I can think of is I’ve seen people turn the figma horse into a centaur by adding a figma torso.
    I’m curious if anyone else comments though. I feel like revoltech has some monsterous designs in the KT line that has the dragon figure (which is kind of too small to be a typical dragon for figma to fight)

    Oh yes I'm sorry, I mean compatible sizes. I'll edit the post to clarify. Combining figures for hybrids is a whole other issue lol.
    Yeah there are some really nice MH Revoltechs, but they are too small to quite work as a real dragon when compared to a figma. However, I'm still considering one or two of them just because they look so good and are not difficult to acquire.
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