Nendo LoversAny old anime you want GSC to notice?

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    Kasai_Kame1 year ago#64530942I would love more Clannad! All we have right now is Nagisa nendo, which I bought of course. If they made Tomoya, Kotomi, Kyou, Ryou, Fuko, Sanae, Akio, Tomoyo or Ushio I would buy every single one that they made!

    Seconding this, Clannad is a classic and I'd love to see Nendoroid-style takes on the characters beyond just Nagisa (maybe even include extra bodies that mimic some of the outfits from After Story?)

    Actually, another Key anime from this era that I'm surprised doesn't have more Nendoroid representation is Angel Beats. We got a few Petit sets here and there, but no regular Nendos.

    Not anime and it's oldness depends on what game in the series you're referring to but more FE Nendoroids would be cool too.... make an Inigo petit Nendo and I'd be able to die happy

    EDIT: More pipe-dream Nendoroids that would be cool: Hamtaro and Utena. Utena's a classic, and I've been nostalgic for Hamtaro for a long while now.
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