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    1 year ago
    Maakie1 year ago#58300854I had some more talk with the Gandor keychains seller and invited her to this club as she mentioned also being a fan! ^^ Let's see if she does, haha! Maybe she knows some more artists busy with making items from this franchise~
    Wah! Sorry I saw this too late and already ordered it after I found out after my edits last night that she could ship it as a private person to me!
    I guess you wouldn't have saved a lot of money ordering with me because of the astronomical shipping costs to EU. TT^TT Sorry!! I just get too excited about Baccano! merch and my instincts take over. :')

    That's fine and totally understandable, haha! Glad you were able to pick some up ^^

    Also the print's art is amazing, I'll have to snag one of those as well soon!
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