Nopan Nirvana[Poll] What's the best pose for a nopan figure?

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    What's the best pose for a nopan figure?

    17%Standing upright
    33%Leaning forward
    17%On all fours or crawling
    13%Reclining or lying on back
    0%Something else (describe in forum reply)
    24 votes
    1 year ago • Updated 1 year ago
    I'm really a fan of standing uprightso cutehttps://static.myfigurecollection.net/image/Lovett1551161069.jpeg! ITEM #806355 & especially ITEM #464782 are great examples of this style of pose. To me, the allure of this pose is the visibility of the crotch while not entirely being the focus.

    Though, a while back, I saw ITEM #604870 and was totally mesmerized. She's suuuuper cute and could be posed as reclining or lying on back or on all fours or crawling. I think the desirability of those poses would be the compactness of the figure.
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