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Nopan NirvanaOutstanding Nopan Pictures of the Month

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    Each day, there are many fantastic images uploaded by the members here at MFC. However, pictures featuring nopan figures are uploaded with less frequency. The goal of this forum thread is to highlight some of the outstanding nopan pictures uploaded each month.

    Method notes: To be considered for inclusion, a picture must be uploaded during the given month. For now, determination of which pictures to include for the month will consider ones with more views or likes as being potentially better, but the selections are not limited to those factors. A picture of an uncommon figure or a particularly novel display might add to the merits for inclusion. If there are several pictures of the same figure, one might be included from among the multiples. These methods are open to change based on any feedback received.

    To get things started...

    Outstanding Nopan Pictures from May 2019
    picture/2218864... by passworo

    picture/2214060... by Marmorie

    picture/2219272... by IceFang

    picture/2212004... by Marmorie

    picture/2208227... by regwolfa
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