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Take care of your figures!Stiff elbow and knee nendoroid joints

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    A couple of my nendoroids have a joint that I can't bend without feeling like they're about to break. Unlike most nendos I've seen, they both have fully bendable elbow and knee joints, and I'm not sure if the paint has them stuck in place or something. I couldn't find any advice on this type of joint in any of the threads here so I did a quick search and found this page, which recommends using either hot water, a hairdryer or dish soap to loosen the joints: gemr.com/blog/s...

    However, it's not nendo-specific advice, so I'm worried that using those techniques might damage my figures. Has anyone done this before or have any other advice?

    If it helps, these are the sort of elbow/knee joints I'm talking about: www.goodsmile.i...

    Thank you!
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