Take care of your figures!Stiff elbow and knee nendoroid joints

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    kyoshinhei1 year ago#66170075Those advice should work well for Nendoroids.
    Since you're feeling like the joints are going to break, I would try the soap option first as it is the most gentle one.
    If it doesn't work, try the hot water next. As stated in the article, it doesn't have to be boiling at all, streamy hot from the tap is usually enough and that way you won't risk your skin coming off if you mess up :-p
    More details here if you need.
    Hairdryer is basically the same as hot water but slower and more cumbersome in my opinion.

    Thank you so much for your advice!

    Both of the joints now move! :D The soap eventually worked for one of them, and a stream of hot water from the tap worked for the other after the soap failed (that link was really helpful, thank you!). The plastic hasn't deformed either, which is relieving :)
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