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Chinese and other FiguresKong Studio - Has anyone heard of this?

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    Thank you for your comments! :D

    Yes, their work looks really cool. Of course, (yet) it's not the quality compared to e. g. Tsume. But the studio does not seem to have done so much yet and I think they also get better from figure to figure. I've also seen some pictures on Facebook and the comments sound very nice, but I can't really decide. This would be the first figure from China as well as in this price segment for me.

    This "fanaticanimestore" is exactly the shop where I found Meliodas. Especially the thing about the warehouse in the EU sounds very good to me. Nevertheless, the shipping costs are incredibly high. This also scares me off. ^^"
    And I do not even want to think about that it's a resin figure from China...

    Maybe that's a "trial and error" situation for me.
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