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    7 months ago
    From: GO Participant
    Thread: thread/16545
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Amazing host! Always kept in communication throughout the entire process, and was very clear. Shipped promptly and packaged item well. Will be participating in future GOs from Nemsy in the future for sure.
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    5 months ago
    From: GO Participant
    Thread: Pokemon Center GO
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Everything was wrapped and shipped perfectly. Lots of communication. Everything was very clear with the GO. Thanks!
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    From: Participant
    Thread: [USA*][Nemsy] Pokemon Center JP GO
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: Great communication, friendly host, and everything was wrapped safely in the package. Thank you!
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    15 days ago • Updated 13 days ago
    I participated in Nemsy's group order
    [Closed][USA*][Nemsy] Suruga-ya GO July 2020

    She never ordered my items then blamed FromJapan/Saruga-ya after realizing the mistake a month later when the package arrived without my items. Over 100 items were ordered in total, I had about 14, she claims that fromjapan cancelled or didn't order the exact 14 items I ordered and none of the other 100+ items, and doesn't have an email to confirm that. I have used fromjapan and if the links were submitted, they would be in the account order history saying they're awaiting purchase if they were submitted to the proxy for purchase and were forgotten by the proxy, but she won't show proof of this. If she had been honest and straightforward with what happened, I wouldn't be bothered.

    The last thing I wanted to mention is that she stated originally that shipping would be split based on the number of people, but changed it after everything was ordered to an arbitrary system she came up with which wasn't based on anything concrete (such as item weight/dimensions). I understand that the host can decide how to split shipping, but changing it after everything is order is a bit questionable especially when order history is being kept private.

    The lying, lack of transparency, general disorganization and inconsistencies is why I'm leaving a negative review.
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    From: Participant
    Thread: [USA*][Nemsy] Suruga-ya GO July 2020
    Rating: Positive
    Comments: I've participated in previous group orders hosted by Nemsy, and know them to be a reliable and honest host, so I didn't hesitate in joining this one. Nemsy is prompt with communication, refunds, etc., and is in general a great host to deal with.

    After the deadline for this group order had closed (but before the items had been shipped from the proxy), I needed to replace a beloved older figure that had become damaged. I found a replacement on Suruga-ya and PMed Nemsy to see if they could order it on my behalf as a special request, with my covering its cost and related proxy fees. They agreed, and this figure was added to the shipment.

    As an aside, this figure's box came a little beaten up, but as I said, it's old, plus Suruga-ya can be a bit of a crapshoot in terms of packaging condition; the figure itself is fine. All of my items were packed well when mailed to me. Good experience overall.
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