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MFCAre PLUM figures any good?

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    nhlegg (1 month ago) #70233422Bought a figure from plum disappointed and I never buy from a shop again.
    Which figure? Since they have some hits and some misses, knowing which ones didn't come out so great is helpful.

    Sakura0055 (1 month ago) #70218291I didn't even realized she had a figure, she looks so cute! I love the colors. I would be happy with photos but I wouldn't want you to exert yourself just for that also :) Thank you very much.
    Done! Sorry that background wall is so crappy--I didn't think until after I'd shot all those to actually clear out some space in my cabinet and use that instead, but oh well. I did take a couple of photos in there that look good, so maybe I'll go back and retake these at some point. Either way, I really do love this figure. Of course, on a second look, the painting on the back of her staff is actually rather sloppy and her front left hair strand is a little rough, but I didn't even notice those things until today. Overall I just think she's so cute. :3

    Also, @ OP, I'm really glad you made this thread. I actually think it would be helpful to have threads for most companies (like we do for retailers), but I made an article about it a few months ago and it didn't get much traction. Maybe I should just go ahead and make another thread for a different company I want to talk about?
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