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    No Raw Pornographic images/gifs shall be used ever, Pictures containing Nude Figures Are Allowed But must be marked as a spoiler and have NSFW Written Above.

    Mild Curse Words can be used in meme text but not written as a comment, no extreme vulgar phrases, such as racial slurs or directed hate speech will be tolerated, Things such a simple F Bomb (such as WTF?)on a meme is considered acceptable but please do not get extreme.

    When Replying to a meme you like, when you "quote" please delete the line containing the image link as it will lead to a huge string of spam images of the same meme

    When Posting:
    Memes That Do not Contain Figures, Linking the Image from the host website to the comment can be done by using the [img]*[/img]function by putting the image link in the place of the * and pressing preview to see if it is compatable with MFC.

    I Recommend The Use of imgbb.com as a hosting service as you can make everything private and host/store your memes there, or just upload as a guest if you do not wish to create an account.

    Right clicking an image on your browser, then select view image, right click the image, and Copy Image Location is how you can get the images Link to post.

    Memes Made With Figures , The Pictures can be uploaded/taken to/from your MFC account and Linked Directly to your comment, as long as your image does infact contain a figure that is in line with MFC Guidelines (about/faq/#ref-...)

    If you have an idea for a new thread please leave a comment on this page instead of the homepage.
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