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FutaliciousAnyone else somewhat surprised by which characters got figures?

Anyone else surprised by which series' characters received figures?

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    Greetings & good eve,
    to all of Club "Futalicious".

    I decided to make this thread, since it occurred to me how peculiar the selection of futanari figures actually is.

    Right now, the predominant set of characters all originate from the extremely talented artist Ban!.

    This isn't necessarily odd, since he is very good at what he does, so his designs certainly merit the transition to an additional medium of art.

    What seems strange is the REST of the figures.

    Basically, you have two visual-novel/ anime series "Inda no Hime Kishi Janne" and "Asakara Zusshiri Milk Pot".

    Perhaps the recognition level is different in Japan, where these figures are actually being made, but neither of those series seem to have any particular renown or even notoriety.

    This is in direct contrast to how a series like "Bible Black",
    which does have a selection of figures made for its characters,
    atleast gave off the impression of being a majorly popular "hentai" internationally.

    So it is curious that none of the figures made for that series ended up even possessing an optional accessory to transform certain characters into futanari,
    when the futanari scenes from "Bible Black" were so highly-acclaimed,
    atleast once upon a time.

    Perhaps it is a case of a vocal minority on the internet,
    or even a shift away from what was once popular, as "Bible Black" is actually quite old at this point.

    But I am interested in hearing the perspective of the community,
    since there are a number of high-quality manga, visual-novels & anime adaptations
    which I would have assumed to have a larger audience than either "Inda no Hime Kishi Janne" or "Asakara Zusshiri Milk Pot".

    (Admittingly, the one futanari scene in "Inda no Hime Kishi Janne" was very good.)

    it would also be interesting to know why Ban! of all the futanari-centric artists & manga-ka, was selected to be the vanguard of this wave of figures.

    Again, his designs are exquisite & I'm not voicing any discontent against him or the companies liscensing his work to produce more art.

    It's just another case of wondering why... say... BehindMoon didn't merit having figures produced for characters from the "Dulce Report" series. As just one example of many.

    So, as a final question:

    Are there any futanari-oriented series or artists that you feel might be "popular" enough to warrant a figure?

    Or even just a singular-but-exemplary design that stands out so much to you, that even if the source material is obscure, it could still elicit wide-appeal?
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