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Take care of your figures!Removing dust.

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  • sojaRegular Boarder
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    15 days ago
    Hi guys,

    I desperately need to dust my figures and realized...this is more difficult than originally thought. *sigh*

    I searched the threads regarding such a topic but couldn't find anything.
    Which is weird, as this must be an issue many collectors face.
    (if there is some info thread please provide the link)

    So any cool / secret / easy tips on how to dust my very dusty *cough* figures without
    * damaging them
    * taking forever
    * being like an archeologist that has to carefully work on each detail
    * ...and then rage quitting

    My spontanous ideas would be:
    * using a hair dryer on "cold" mode to blow the dust away
    * using my tooth brush / thin paint brush
    * leaving them dusty ^^"

  • Melon_pan4Regular Boarder
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    • 2 years ago
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    • SoCal
    14 days ago
    I use a swiffer duster for mine. It can be annoying when it gets stuck on the points of the hair, but it seems to do a good job. It doesn't take long but then again i only have like 9 figures. Occasionally when they're super dusty i use a blow gun on the lowest setting and with some distance so as to not damage it, which also works well. If you don't have an air compressor though the hair dryer might be a good alternative. Good luck!
  • NafRegular Boarder
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    14 days ago
    I use paint brush to dust off bfore dust accumulates. (some ppl said makeup brushes or feather duster are better).
    My second alternative is wet paper towel if the dust is difficult to remove. Sometimes I used baby wipes (non alcohol) to clean (but im not sure if thats safe, no problem on my figures though). Last option is running water but kinda a pain to dry (at least for me).
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  • Azul123Regular Boarder
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    14 days ago
    Thanks for This topic! Had issues too with that
  • rafaelftRegular Boarder
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    14 days ago
    For me, when I buy used figures that have dust I end up washing them. I know that it can be hard if you have a big number of figures, but it end up being easier than trying to remove the dust.

    I use warm water with a little bit of detergent and a soft brush, then rinse with cold water and dry them up with a hairdryer
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  • spinners_groveRegular Boarder
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    14 days ago
    For super stubborn dust/dirt I've gotten a bit of swiffer duster wet and used that, but normally I use a makeup brush. E.l.f. has $3-$5 ones you can get at CVS and Target (and other stores I assume, plus online). I personally use this one, since it's not too big but is still fluffy and soft so you can jam it into those hard to reach areas without causing any damage. I'm sure similar ones would work fine--you just want to make sure the brush is soft enough to not cause any scratches.
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