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    Hello there!

    Are you curious about songs by Hatsune Miku but overwhelmed on which songs to start with?

    Have you already tried to listen to some of her songs but are super dissatisfied?

    Are you already a grizzly veteran who is already fan of Miku’s songs?

    Are you just clicking on this article because the last post here was seven years ago and is shocked that someone posted something on this fan page?

    Well don’t you worry, let me help you out!!! or entertain you

    My guide is to show introduce new people to the world of vocaloid music. What’s different about this guide is that I WILL NOT introducing you to any Miku’s iconic songs, like World is Mine, Love is War, Melt, Thousands Cherry Blossoms, Rolling Girl, etc.

    You might ask yourselves “why not Cloudberry?” As much is it tempting to show newcomers about her famous and iconic songs that are strongly associated with Hatsune Miku, her voice is very high pitched and robotic – that alone is enough to scare away all but the bravest. Even I, too, was once turned off by her voice initially… I’d like to gradually ease people in to her voice and be comfortable with it.

    The songs I chose are softer, has less (or tolerable) pitch, and not too robotic sounding. These songs may not be extremely well known, nor ever reach the popularity of her iconic songs, but I believe they’re a great way to introduce new people to vocaloid music.

    ***If you’re already familiar to Miku’s songs already, this could introduce to you some new songs you might never heard of and that I hope it goes into your boping weeb playlist***

    I have included Youtube vids that has English translation in them, either hard-subbed or captions. If there’s none, I’ve included it below the video. I also added a summary in case you get lost as some of the lyrics are pretty artsy. Understanding the songs will help hopefully you apricate the songs a bit more (‐^▽^‐)

    Also note, even though Miku is singing these songs, many of these songs does not represent a girl’s POV – they’re neutral. Many vocaloid songs can be seen in either gender’s POV... so even a girl can relate to these songs.

    Heart a la Mode

    Let’s start off with a catchy pop song that’s about a date that started out rocky but goes well at the end (°◡°♡)

    Time Machine

    Here’s a blog I found that tells the meaning much better than I can ever describe it:
    “A song of farewells, “Time Machine” by 164 and 40meterP illustrates the parting of the narrator with someone who they love. With the time for departure arriving once again, the narrator boards the “time machine.” Although they have gotten used to seeing the sad expression of their dearest, it does not change that each parting is just as heart wrenching as the last. Even if the memories remain and they’ll meet again, the narrator looks forward to returning to this significant other.”

    Starlight Girl

    A song of a special one-time encounter with a stranger. While the singer and the other person shares an amazing experience (it’s not about sex probably), the other person vanishes… just like a shooting star. The singer hopes to reunite with that special person one more time, even if it takes years.
    There’s no translation subtitles on the Youtube vid, so translations are shown under spoilers:
    View spoilerHide spoilerThat room of stars we peered into
    A secret for just the two of us
    Shoulders drawing close, sharing our warmth
    Could you hear them? Those heartbeats of mine….

    Hey, going round and round, there’s no one else like you
    My heart won’t stop racing, Starlight Girl

    If we’re separated, look up towards that puzzle in the sky
    Though I don’t know your name or form
    The starlight pours down just like it did back then
    It’ll keep shining on that moment when we’ll meet once more

    Though I felt like I could reach you if I just stretched out my hand,
    We were so close and yet…
    The wind which brushes against my cheeks just carries them away
    Those feelings and hopes of mine

    Hey, you dance round and round, growing bright in the blink of an eye
    I found my shooting star, Starlight Girl

    These unending prayers of mine follow the rhythm of the stars
    Please just whisk away the two of us to somewhere far away
    But the time for goodbye is now, and you’d better get going…

    “It’s OK, we’ll surely meet again someday”

    Whispering that sweet lie, you disappeared
    Seeing you off, tears began to run and my vision blurred

    It’s been three years since that day and I’m still here in this place all alone
    Hey, hey, you hear? I’m made a whole lot of friends since then
    But I still haven’t been able to fill up this hole you left inside me

    These flowing tears of mine
    They all wind up in that overflowing pool of love in my heart

    The starlight pours down just like it did back then
    It keeps shining on that moment when we’ll meet again once more

    Torinoko City

    The translation is “Left Behind City” or “Urbandonment” and according to the producer, 40meterP, the song is about “someone who really gets lonely easily”. Miku sings a tale about a girl (remember doesn’t have to be girl), who is left alone in Torinoko City because she did not want to interact with others. The girl, trying to be headstrong, accepts it but realizes that despite the hassle of interaction, she does not want to be alone.

    Streaming Heart

    Oh Miku, how a kawaii girl like you be an agent of chaos <3 This song is about a girl trying to get out of a dilapidated relationship, but the boyfriend denies her wish and tries to fix the relationship by covering it with band-aids (and silences her pleas at the same time). The boyfriend continues to live in denial about their relationship that is falling apart by locking her away. The girl, finally getting the courage (represented as the Half-Life crowbar) breaks free from her band-aids, destroys the jail, and finally punches (breaks up) with the boyfriend.
    I was on the fence on putting this song here, but I ultimately wanted to show everyone about people’s creativity for making vocaloid music videos with symbolisms and showing a different side of Miku.


    A song about finding yourself in this world (or trying to paint a masterpiece). The singer’s POV is struggling to figure out what kind of person they should be (represented as a white canvas). The singer eventually figures out that there’s no right answer on what kind of person they should be and if they don’t like it, they can repaint themselves over again.


    This is probably the song that got me to fell in love with vocaloid songs. It’s a catchy rock song about finally letting go of your ex. It’s actually one part of a “story” the producer made (Jimmy-ThumbsP/OneRoom) but that’s not too important. Plus, that guitar solo doe. Miku’s voice is a bit high-pitched but I think it matches with the song.


    A mixed rock and electronic that is about that longing feeling for someone. Ya know, like the “whenever you look back, I’ll be here waiting” cliché.

    Peter Pan Syndrome

    This is a story of a man (sung by Miku) who is in love with a girl – his childhood best friend – and that girl invites him on her wedding Q.Q The man, who is stuck mentally stuck in a fairy tale, wishes he could steal her away on her wedding day, like a typical fairy tale story. However, he lacks the courage and his hope is shattered when she happily tells the man that “it’s your turn next [to get married]!”. He eventually let go of his feelings (i.e, the balloons) at the end of the music video as the wedding bells ring.

    This is one of my favorite saddest song (don’t you @ me). I chose this song because Miku has a slightly high pitch but tolerable and I think this song is a great way to ease yourself into more of Miku’s iconic songs. Plus, Miku has TONS of songs that hits you right in the fooking feels so this is a great way to ease yourself into many other songs just like this….
    Also, View spoilerHide spoilerI also highly recommend watching Luz’s (an actual Human) cover of Peter Pan Syndrome. His voice totally captures the feeling for this song.


    Speaking of fooking feels, here is another heart-breaking song. This is a song of one-sided unrequited love. The girl (sung by Miku) is lonely and jealous that her lover’s heart belongs to someone else and no matter how much she tries, she can never get inside her lover’s heart. Even if she can’t put a foothold in her lover’s heart, she will stay by the lover’s side and is content on being the “alternate” girl.

    I chose this song because not a lot people will recommend Miku’s ballad-like songs (and this song is beautifully sad, don’t @ me). This voice bank is called “Miku Dark” and is suited for softer and slower songs (but not used very often).
    Click here link for translations for alternate.

    Android Girl

    Let’s jump away from songs that hits you in the feels and listen to a heavy rock song that involves Miku spitting hot fire and being a yandere (°◡°♡) This is a song of a broken relationship that is beyond repair. The girl is tired of being treated poorly and becomes an android girl so she can stop having feelings. They keep trying to “reboot” their relationship, but it never works out. Eventually, the girl snaps, fully embraces of being an android girl with a cold heart and stabs him. Doing so, the guy is reminded that she once had human emotions and accepts the fact that if he gave her mental pain, then the pain shall be reciprocated via physical pain.

    I chose this song because it’s rare to hear Miku rap plus the song is very catchy~ Miku’s voice is fairly high pitched but with heavy rock and the crazy nature of the song, it’s great. This song is a sequel to another song that was made 10 years ago called Two Breaths Walking and it involves the same characters. That song is about the guy who fights his way into the girl’s heart and while the girl is hurt by his love, she finally accepts his love… and then Android Girl happens >_<

    Odds & Ends
    Original MV:
    Project Diva MV (with Eng Subtitles):

    Odds & Ends is a beautiful and melancholic song. This is a song about Ryo, one of the most influential Vocaloid producer, and Odds & Ends tells Ryo’s story about encounter with Hatsune Miku, his rise to fame, the hate he received, and his bittersweet goodbye from the Vocaloid world. Yet, Ryo is still thankful for Miku and without Miku, he wouldn’t be where he is today – a successful musician and composer.


    Let’s end this tour with an upbeat song. I chose this song is because well… it’s better to end the blog with something positive amirite? Plus, you can’t deny how adorably catchy this song is.
    Translations are below:
    View spoilerHide spoiler
    No matter what perfect formula or equation you might derive,
    The smallest bit of you will make the answer change.

    That’s all it is, a person’s feelings –
    Because of their strength, I’m sure, yes,
    They create tomorrow.

    The unknown road
    That we’re walking down right now
    Isn’t something that someone decided to create.
    Even if the thing you’re searching for didn’t exist,
    The next today will be decorated by your hands

    No matter what perfect schedule you might put together,
    The smallest bit of you will make the next five minutes change.

    That’s all it is, a person’s future –
    It’s because of its frailty, I’m sure, yes,
    That tomorrow can come to be.

    The unknown road
    That we’re walking down right now
    Isn’t something that someone decided to create.
    Even if the thing you’re searching for didn’t exist,
    The next today will be decorated by your hands

    Please, realize,
    Even as delicate as it is,
    That voice of yours is something that someone needs

    The unknown road
    That we’re walking down right now
    Isn’t something that someone decided to create.
    Even if the thing you’re searching for didn’t exist,
    The next today will be decorated by your hands

    That concludes my introduction to music sung by Hatsune Miku. I hope you enjoyed this post, found a song or two you like, or found my song summary entertaining. Thanks and have a great day ^^/


    (Edit 05/25/20 - grammar, wording, added a song)
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    Thanks for these songs !!
    A while ago I didn't have any music to listen to, but now I have thanks to you :D

    Stay safe my bean ✨
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    CoffeCat28 days ago#82135052Thanks for these songs !!
    A while ago I didn't have any music to listen to, but now I have thanks to you :D
    Stay safe my bean ✨

    Thanks!!!!! I hope you like and enjoy them!

    If you need music, either vocaloid or japanese music, let me know!!!!
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