MyethosMyethos Figure Reviews #2 (updated)

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    5 months ago • Updated 1 month ago
    Post reviews of Myethos's figures you find here and I will archive them.
    (imported and updated from ItsaTimmy's thread) Removed old review links which are no longer functional.

    Queen of Hearts:
    Ryukosama's Review: BLOG #31811
    Pianokid's Review: BLOG #31815
    Evenstar88's Review: BLOG #42202

    Nia Teppelin Wedding Ver:
    Broken-Toybox's Review: BLOG #39578

    EXKurogane's Review: BLOG #34096
    Murialita's Unboxing Video

    Holo Wedding Ver:
    Broken-Toybox's Review: BLOG #39293

    Shao Siming:
    AkibaMelon review: BLOG #39795

    Celestia Ludenberck:
    Evenstar88's review: BLOG #43306

    Su Jiuer:
    Tomocchi's review: BLOG #40397
    Sayu's Unboxing Video (French)

    Mei Raiden:
    Tomocchi's review: BLOG #40804

    White Rabbit:
    Evenstar88's review: BLOG #42903

    Freshringo's review: BLOG #42902

    Broken-Toybox's Review: BLOG #43954
    Happyakrz's Review: BLOG #44288

    Broken-Toybox's Review: BLOG #44414

    Zhen Ji:
    Evenstar88's review BLOG #45384
    MastraCustom's Review (Italian)
    AniBase's Unboxing Video

    Little Mermaid:
    Evenstar88's review BLOG #44257
    Tuxmichi's review BLOG #45263
    AniBase's Unboxing Video
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    5 months ago • Updated 5 months ago
    Hi guys. So I have finished importing the review list from ItsaTimmy, and updated and re-arranged them according to time of figure release (ItsaTimmy if you are seeing this, I hope you don't mind that I help update this review list. Sent you a PM :D).

    I have updated those reviews that I know of, but if you see anything that you think should be up on the list, just post it here and I will update it :)
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    thanks for the link
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