Gintama Family[spoilers] Gintama (the manga) ended, and there's a new movie.

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    I know the forum and the group here seems to be kind of dead, but we're all necromancers at heart so let's just resurrect it a little bit.

    In the meantime, Sorachi finally ended the manga (we're all crying and thinking about being reborn as cheesecakes next time), and a new animated movie was announced.
    The dedicated mobile app is going to be closed this year in the end of June, and we'll only have original content via Jump's other apps.

    We can all assume that nothing will ever replace Gintama, and trust me, there's a strong withdrawal effect, with a lot (and I say a Lot) of fanfictions popping everywhere since the last chapter's publication.
    As for my part, I'm currently in hiatus since 3 to 4 months for personnal reasons, but I should update soon again on my main story.

    But in the meanwhile, even if you answer a few years later, don't be afraid to do so.
    Let's just share how much Gintama changed our lives, how we perceived its ending, and what we expect for the future.

    For my part, Gintama will never leave me. It's that weird anime/manga which made me cry of laughter, and smile as well as laugh despite sad situations. It's really something Sorachi sensei mastered perfectly: being able to make the reader go from tears to laughter in a millisecond, all the while making it seem so natural. Of course the manga was also a strong shonen in disguise, but just like Sket Dance, it' s never what it appears to be at first.
    Of course, some jokes will make you laugh more than others, some characters will make you want to beat the shit out of them.
    But again, Sorachi sensei showed us that there is no true evil. As there is no true kindness. The world is all grey, and people are not evil just because they want to be. We could say the same about good people, but Gintama showed that it's always easier to act according to your own bushido, your own values, rather than the ones pushed onto you by others.

    So when Gintama ended, I was really distressed at first. Like... What am I going to do? What will make me smile each week?
    But quickly, I realized with fanfictions, fanmade content, that it would never end.
    As for the new movie announced, I am really excited as well as a bit stressed out, since it ought to be the last Gintama official content we'll get. Don't get me wrong, there may still be some official content published. But it won't be the same since we now know what lies at the end of this wonderful journey.
    So in fact I'm pretty pumped up for this movie. Even if honestly, considering all the content between the end of the current anime adaptation (end of altana war) and the last chapter of the manga, I really don't know how they will squeeze all of this in an hour or two of animated format. Also hoping they might add some new and never seen/read content...

    What about you?
    One Dino-Potato to rule them all
    ~Eternal Yorozuya, doujin circle.
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