Teen WeebsWhen did you start watching anime?

  • Saki_Reverse
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    1 month ago
    If I had to say when I first started watching anime it would have to be around 5-6. When I started getting into anime though around 10; there was no going back.
  • zozozoyeet
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    25 days ago • Updated 25 days ago
    For me I remember watching a bit when I was 6-7 (I think like Pokémon and studio ghibli) . I started watching aikatsu stars when I was 11 then got more into other anime from there.
  • YourPinkOverlord
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    20 days ago
    So I was always a big fan of western cartoons. But when it comes to anime...hmm...I forget the exact order but my first few anime (other than Ghibli) were Robotech, Ranma 1/2, and Powerpuff Girls Z when I was around 8-10?

    My dad showed my sister and me Robotech and Ranma, but I can't remember if I saw PPGZ on my own before or after that. I was (and still am) a huge fan of the Powerpuff Girls so when I discovered there was a spin-off I checked it out and watched it all. At the time I loved things like Winx Club so I was kinda unknowingly aware of the magical girl genre so I liked it straight away. It's...a very wacky show. The OG is better but PPGZ is memorable and a lot of fun.
    But uh, yeah. That's about the time I got interested in anime; when I saw these shows. Then when I was 11 we moved to a city and I instantly became friends with someone who was a huge fan of anime and then I just watched her recommendations and the rest is history. She doesn't even watch much anime anymore, heh. Sometimes she reads or watches my animanga recs though!
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