The NSFW POTD ClubNSFW POTD Club's Photo Challenge #2 - "Halloween"

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    Hello members!

    It's time for our second photo challenge. Halloween is just over 6 weeks away, and it seemed like a really cool theme to use for our next challenge. Hopefully, we'll get lots of entries this time.

    Theme: Halloween
    Photo submission deadline: 15 October 2020

    1) To be eligible, the photo must fit all the club criteria as described on the main club page under the section for "NSFW POTD Selection Rules" (NSFW pic, user created content, etc).

    2) The photo must also fit the "Halloween" theme. Some ideas to consider might be partially nude (topless, nopan, etc) or nearly/fully nude figures showing off their Halloween costumes, seductive succubi, sexy witches, or even an NSFW figure posed on a pumpkin - those could all fit the theme. Be creative and show us your best NSFW Halloween pics!

    3) To enter, upload your photo to the MFC site, and then link it here in a reply to this thread.

    4) Entries are limited to 1 photo per person.

    5) If necessary, you can change or modify your entry (by editing your reply) until the submission deadline.

    At the end of the submission period, this thread will be locked, and then a voting thread will be opened to allow members to select their favorite entry. The voting will likely run from the 16th of October to the 31st of October (Halloween). The winning photo will then be displayed on the NSFW POTD club page until the next contest ends.

    Future photo challenges are being planned, approximately 8 per year, spaced about 6 to 7 weeks apart on average.
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    Here is my submission for Halloween.
    PICTURE #2524845

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    22 hours ago
    Halloween NSFW Photo submission.

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