Foxes and KitsunesFavorite fox/kitsune?

  • Ginger
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    14 days ago
    What is your the most loved fox/kitsune you have or you would like to own?
    The most favorite figure?=)
    Who is your holy grail and are you lucky enough to have it already?

  • KikaSnow
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    14 days ago
    I would say it's Tushan Susu. [fav fox/kitsune]


    Most fav figure would be this one:
    [still waitin' for her]

    Holy Grail:
  • EsmeAllan
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    14 days ago • Updated 14 days ago
    Oh, Ran Yakumo has to be my favourite fox. :) I've even got a photo I took of her as my profile picture.


    Here's the pic a bit bigger. I think she's certainly one of my favourite figures. I've got a Garage kit of her I'm super excited to make too! The fact she has a hat specially made with space for her ears is just such a cute detail in her design too.
  • Asiendy
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    13 days ago
    My favorite kitsune is of course my beloved Ahri from League of Legends.

    She is my holy grail, I've tracked her down for two years and finaly manage to get her <3


    Here's a quick shot of her, the next grail is the KDA version of Ahri, which I already possess but I do need to paint from zero.
  • Nefere
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    13 days ago • Updated 13 days ago
    I was thinking about getting super cute and helpful Senko-san by Myethos ITEM #835807 - her being a both kitsune and in miko outfit catched my eye and heart.

    Also Fubuki ITEM #740302 is precious with animal ears pulled flat in wind and 2 fluffy tails... or a muffler. A super long and fluffy muffler. A real kitsune cosplayer with fake tails. Hope she counts.

    A pipe dream of mine is to see a Kagamine Rin PVC figure in Amatsu Kitsune outfit. Whenever it's in a child or adult form. Even if a GK version ITEM #235274 exists.


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