♡ wonda & reset ♡original wonfes mascot, and wanda and reset first appearences!

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    the first wonder festival happened in 1985 and the original mascot was a winged green haired girl (i'm still not sure her name) here is a pic from a twitter post that SERPENTYLETORC sent in my discord!
    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/777361089356628041/807364691616989234/DflmNeNVQAARfuX.jpgthe post: twitter.com/col...
    it seems she was the mascot but i'm not sure for how long, as wanda appeared in 1997. i have no idea if they had any other mascots after green girl and before wanda, and it's possible wanda came in before 1997 but it's the oldest pic i can find
    and then reset came in in 2001
    wanda was drawn with her in 2006 probably in an homage to her
    here are some alternate pictures of it i took that are from the mizutama keinojo art book!
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