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    16 days ago
    As most of you have mentioned, there a lots of nice fox figures that are not allowed on MFC
    Let's make a list here in order not to lose them;)
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    16 days ago • Updated 16 days ago
    1. Onmyoji - Miketsu 1/8 (by NetEase Games)

    2. Fei Ren Zai - JiuYue (ENTRY #177939) (by Actoys) (ENTRY #159629)

    3. Star Wars - Vulptex (Funko Pop!)
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    16 days ago
    Onmyoji - Tamamo No Mae 1/8 (by NetEase Games)
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    16 days ago
    Look on myanimeshelf for onmyoji and fox spirit Match Maker :)
    There should be a few
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    12 days ago
    Denay16 days ago#92486191Look on myanimeshelf for onmyoji and fox spirit Match Maker :)
    There should be a few


    There is Hakurou 1/8 by Onmyoji (Yin Yang Shi)

    For sale in China only.
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    6 days ago • Updated 16 hours ago
    Here are trading figures that are "too generic" to be added to MFC.

    Items by Bandai ENTRY #7624

    Choujuu-giga (鳥獣戯画 鳥獣机画)
    Release date: 2016-01

    Based on the famous scrolls, the set features a fox with a signature fireball on the end of a tail.


    Items by dodowo

    Vegetables Fairy (おやさい妖精)
    Design: Ponkichi
    Release date: 2021-07

    The series includes Lotus Root Fox, White Radish Fox and SR Red Radish Fox.


    Items by Maigadou

    Green Army Japan: Choujuu-giga (グリーンアーミージャパン 第一弾 鳥獣人物戯画)
    Release date: 2015-11
    Another set based on famous scrolls. It features a fox parent and a child (pic no. 6).


    Items by Qualia ENTRY #202135

    Tsubomi Kitsune (つぼみ狐 or Flower Foxes)
    Designer: Hana Muguri

    1st edition ENTRY #202136
    Release date: 2019-07


    2nd edition ENTRY #202137
    Release date: 2020-01


    Four Seasons edition
    Release date: 2020-11


    Divine Beast Bekos: Eastern Gods Edition (神獣ベコたち 東の神々編)
    Release date: 2020-07
    A series based on Akabeko, a traditional toy with bobbling head, this time mixed with fantastic creatures. It features a chimera of red cow and nine-tailed fox.


    Bunbuku tea-kettle (分福茶釜)
    Release date: 2020-12
    The set is based on a Japanese tale about tanuki shape-shifted into a kettle. It features a fox.


    Fluffy Foxes (もこもこきつね)
    Designer: tama
    Release date: 2021-01


    Vegetables Fairy (おやさい妖精)
    Manufacturer: Qualia
    Design: Ponkichi
    Release date: 2021-06

    The series includes Radish Fox in white, red and black variants

    Items by Stasto ENTRY #117690

    Animal Attraction: Delicious Futon - 2nd helping (アニマルアトラクションおいしいおふとん おかわり!)
    Sculptor: Kawamura Kyouichi ENTRY #26351
    Release date: 2019-07

    The set features a cute fox sleeping in a sushi pocket. Do not eat him!


    Animal Attraction: Animals carrying Japan (アニマルアトラクション 日本をささえる動物たち)
    Designer: Hayakawa Kenzou
    Release date: 2019-11

    The set features a white fox carrying 西日本 on the head.



    Items by Yell World ENTRY #100374
    Ojizou-san ~Praying Stone Statue~ (おじぞうさん ~祈りの石碑~)
    Release date: 2019-05

    The series with praying statues made of polystone. It features a fox ITEM #1017871

    Clasped Paws 4nd edition (合掌 4拝)
    Release date: 2019-06


    Ojizou-san ~Praying Stone Statue~ 2nd edition (おじぞうさん ~祈りの石碑~ 2尊)
    Release date: 2019-10

    This time the set features a fox with a leaf on the head ITEM #1017891

    Shrine grounds figures (境内フィギュア~わび・さび~)
    Release date: 2020-01

    The set features 2 fox statues made of polystone.


    Bowing ones 2nd edition (おじぎさん 二礼)
    Release date: 2020-02

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    4 days ago • Updated 4 days ago
    Thanks to your post I remembered this set of foxes I have, manufactured by Kato:

    They are super small (1/87) and super duper cute!
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    3 days ago
    Thank you GINGER for words of appreciation! I have ~10 sets of trading figures saved in bookmarks and I'm going to slowly update the post above with new findings, so everything will be available on 1st page :)

    Those foxes are cute! And it includes a shrine fox statue! A great addition to dioramas :)
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