Naturally NativeSelling entire collection: mostly Native, Rocket Boy, Second Axe

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    1 month ago
    Hey everyone! [Mods let me know if this is not OK on this group]

    Im selling pretty much my entire collection:

    Only exceptions being Selvaria and 2B figures.
    I'm also not sure about selling Monogatari and Zettai Junpaku♡Mahou Shoujo figures yet.

    Everything else is on the menu! Most of my collection is Native and related brands.
    I won't split figures that were made to be displayed together.
    I have so many I don't have time to create individual adverts for all of them.

    Don't hesitate to make me an offer with or without shipping included in GBP as I am in England. I can advise you on shipping costs but big boxes or outside western Europe will get expensive.
    I will include PayPal protection in all sales.

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