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    7 months ago
    Hi, wanted to see what everyone's favorite demons were. No reasoning is necessary to post, it could come down to general design, battle practicality, cuteness factor, or overall badassery, doesn't matter.
    Mine would probably have to be Barong.


    Aside from looking very cute and super loyal, I've basically had one in my party mid-late game in most SMT games to either function as mage or cleric. He's usually a pretty decent all-arounder, and his dance is unmistakable, I just love this big fuzzy dude.
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    7 months ago
    I've got one of him in my collection ITEM #33068 he's a good boy!

    Lucifer and Metatron are some of my favorites just because they were the ultimate demons to unlock in the first Devil Survivor and I worked really hard to get them through my various playthroughs until my last playthrough where I managed to get every single demon in my non-pokedex I had them set as my party for the entire last run, which was also the only playthrough I managed to save everyone in my party it's tricky keeping everyone alive in that game. I loved how different the story would be depending on your actions and how replayable it was. Since it was my first MT game they have stuck with me. So of course they are musts in my collection ITEM #17007 ITEM #63794 and ITEM #41402 are all mine now mwahaha.

    Otherwise Pixie is a strong contender as well, I like her design (the modern version at least, I know designs can change slightly from game to game) and she is often a starter demon in the series and often has dialogue and a personality and even a side story. I own one of the figures of her ITEM #41417 would love to have ITEM #549508 but it's just too expensive.

    I also love how in the bonus boss battle with Elizabeth in Persona 3 she kicks your ass with only a pixie. I did not attempt this fight but my husband did and failed and forever resents Elizabeth for it (Elizabeth is one of my personal favorite characters in the MT universe-I have ITEM #159545 and ITEM #145147 so far but someday I really really want one of her scales).

    The demon forms of the main cast in the Digital Devil Saga were pretty neat I really like Varuna so I was really happy he was made into a figure too and was able to get him ITEM #7942.

    It's not a demon but I love the design for the persona Thanatos (I have ITEM #86378) and would say he's my favorite if he was a demon.

    But man there are SO MANY demons and some are exclusive to certain games and some have had completely different designs it's hard to recall them all and decide on favorites lol.
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