Azur Lane FCWhich Ships/ Skins would you like to see as figures?

  • Nattie
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    6 months ago
    Azur Lane has around 400 ships to choose from, but only a few of them have been turned into figures so far. I'd love to hear which ships and/ or skins you would like to see as figures in the future!
  • Nattie
    NattieRegular Boarder • lv6
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    6 months ago
    I'll go first.
    Prinz Eugen has already had a few figures announced, but I'd love to see her evening gown skin Cordial Cornflower.
    Best starter Z23,who recently had a figure of her Philosophy Sensei skin announced, definetly deserves a figure of her regular look.
    Bismark, the proud flagship of Ironblood, sadly has yet to have any scale figures made. I really hope a company picks her up soon, so we can have one more member of the glorious Ironblood fleet in our collections.
  • For_Others
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    6 months ago
    Well, Eugen's party dress has been on my mind for ages, so bad I've even started to make her myself :D

    Other than that though, I'd really love to see Littorio or Jean Bart, their base images are already really impressive and they would stand on their own fairly well. As far as I'm aware no Sardegnan ships (beside some Gks of Zara) have had a figure announced so far, and our green haired leader would be a cool not-immediately-tits-in-your-face first figure.
    Jean bart already has a figure of her party dress but I'd really love to see her base skin, the outfit design and pirate vibes are just too good.

    Additionally, any of the Northern ships would be plain fantastic, I'm really curious as to how they would do the frost effects on the gear, and the big coats and fluffy collars just make my inner blanket goblin squeal with joy.
  • Denay
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    6 months ago
    Prinz eugen Wedding
    Jintsu retrofit
    Amagi normal skin or bikini
    Yukikaze ( All skins awesome )
    Shigure retrofit
    Belfast normal skin

    And some more sr lolis cause loli rulez. :)
  • Pichow
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    6 months ago
    I would love to see a figure of Azuma eating as posed in the artwork of her and Belfast.
    [ url= pbs.twimg.com/m... ]
    Also would love to see Graf Zeppelin getting a swimsuit figure.
    [ url= cdn.donmai.us/o... ]
  • WrathofAchilles
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    6 months ago
    We get a lot of the poster ships as figures, (those used on ads and the like), but honestly I'd love to see figures for Warspite, Queen Elizabeth and Admiral Hipper.

    Even if it's just the default skins.
  • Inquis_M
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    15 days ago
    Hmm, I'd say my tops for each faction would be
    Eagle Union
    New Jersey(Bunny or normal)
    Reno (any)

    Royal Navy
    Cheshire (normal or Summer)
    Hermione(Normal or nurse)
    Fiji (normal)

    Sakura Empire
    Kashino (normal or bunny)

    Iron Blood
    Prinz Heinrich
    Admiral Graf Spee

    Northern Parliament
    Sovetskaya Belorussiya
    Pamiat Merkuria

    Le Téméraire

    Vichya Dominion

    Sardegna Empire
    Pola and Zara (Normal 1/7)
    Vittorio Veneto

    Basically any shipfu with a big chest.
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