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    Greetings members!

    It's time once again for another photo challenge and this one will be a bit different! As technology has advanced through the years the sexy magazine has almost become extinct! So it's time to revive it!

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    A few years ago I spent time on creating a sexy magazine cover. My idea was to replicate the kind of cover you would see on an adult magazine/lads mag. Well this was actually really fun to do! So for this challenge it's all about creating your own sexy magazine cover! You can do anything you like for it providing it stays within the club rules, It can be censored like mine or uncensored, it's entirely up to you, let your imagination run wild!

    Theme: Sexy Magazine Cover
    Photo Submission Deadline: 24/04/2021

    1) To be eligible, the photo must fit all the club criteria as described on the main club page under the section for "NSFW POTD Selection Rules" (NSFW pic, user created content, etc).

    2) The photo must fit the "Sexy Magazine Cover" theme. Some ideas to consider might be covers similar to FHM, Playboy or even old school lads mags like Zoo or Nuts which was published in the UK. If you're stuck Google has plenty of images of what these covers look like and you can use the pictures to plan out how your cover will look. The magazine can be called anything you like, so you don't have to copy these mags entirely.

    3) To enter, upload your photo to the MFC site, and then link it here in a reply to this thread.

    4) Entries are limited to 1 photo per person.

    5) If necessary, you can change or modify your entry (by editing your reply) until the submission deadline.

    At the end of the submission period, this thread will be locked, and then a voting thread will be opened to allow members to select their favorite entry. The voting will likely run from the 25th to the 29th of April. The winning photo will then be displayed on the NSFW POTD club page until the next contest ends.
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