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    1 month ago
    Hello I am pretty new to the site and to the hobby of collecting anime figures. I began collecting last year buying 3 figures Amiya, Kal'Tsit, and Ch'en as part of a set called the Chess Kinghts. The thing is that they aren't listed on the database and was wondering if I should add them in and would they be valid entries.

    I bought them from the site hobby-galaxy.com and I believe Emontoys manufactured them.
    This is the package that I received View spoilerHide spoiler[img]imgur.com/oITlg...[/img]
    and these are the figures
    Amiya View spoilerHide spoiler[img]imgur.com/K4azj...[/img]
    Kal'Tsit View spoilerHide spoiler[img]imgur.com/pmnj6...[/img]
    Ch'En View spoilerHide spoiler[img]imgur.com/3yxob...[/img]
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    MFC rules

    "Non Japanese origin AND Japanese manufacturer = OK"

    "Non Japanese origin AND Non Japanese manufacturer = NO"

    Emontoys is part of ACToys iirc which is a Chinese company, so for them only figures with Japanese origin are allowed. This is the case for multiple Arknights figures, including an Amiya scale which is also from ACToys/Emontoys.

    This is a heavily discussed topic here, but it doesn't seem like it'll change anytime soon.
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    1 month ago
    Thanks. I thought that was the case and it's why I decided to ask since I was unsure. Shame Emontoys is not considered a valid entry. Being a newbie to the hobby there's a lot of figures I discovered through this site and I think many arknights fan would love to know about these.
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