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    Hi guys! Recently I've gotten several recommendations for intersex characters for this club, so I thought I'd make a little general knowledge announcement on the topic for anyone curious!

    On the topic of "Do I think these characters fit the club?"-- the answer is generally, yes!

    However, I wish to make it apparent that in a real-world context, the link between being intersex and being trans is thin at best. Just as with non-intersex people, considering oneself to be trans is a personal choice. Just as there are many people who dress in drag but consider themselves cisgender, there are also many intersex people who consider themselves cisgender regardless of their genital or hormonal composition.

    That being said, in this club, we are dealing with fictional representations, not real ones, so the rules are a bit different! In general, characters who are intersex in media are written by non-intersex and often cisgender people who do not have a personal relationship with either topic, for starters. In my own experience, I have seen very few intersex characters who are not ostracized or somehow singled out because of their experience, and so the character's intersex identity becomes a dramatic choice more than a biological circumstance. It informs their life experiences and gender experiences, often creating a blend between transness and intersexuality, even though this is not always the case in reality.

    Also on the topic, fictional representations of intersex characters usually have a heightened focus on the character's genitalia (the same way we see media focus on trans people's genitalia). Which is to say, their hermaphroditism is usually at the forefront--yet the reality of intersex people is that, for many, the distinctions which make them intersex are minor or even unnoticeable to anyone but a doctor.

    Also also, no, futa is not intersex. I don't think anyone here thinks that, but just saying. It is not. Futas are a fantasy, simply put--and in most cases they have nothing in common with trans or intersex people.

    I'll end this PSA with links to some of the intersex entries currently in our database <3

    ENTRY #191945
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    ENTRY #48607
    ENTRY #47443
    ENTRY #6824
    ENTRY #174615
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